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Dự đoán kết quả xổ số miền nam hôm nayThe 29th Shenzhen watch exhibition of Guangzhou Yonghong watch industry came to a successful end

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      On June 24, 2018, the 29th Shenzhen Watch and clock exhibition was successfully concluded. In four days, we witnessed the time stories of more than 500 corporate brands, and also saw the most eye-catching urban fashion wristwatch in 2018.

Time is still here

Since its establishment, Guangzhou Yonghong watch Technology Development Co., Ltd. has never changed its original mind, forge ahead, constantly develop and innovate, adhering to the concept of "professional, dedicated, honest and win-win", and is committed to making Chinese people proud of Chinese watch brands. Along the way, "EYKI", "KIMIO", "JIUSKO" and new brand "PANMILA" have been widely recognized by the market However, this exhibition also brings you amazing brand products.

Award winning and moving forward

On June 20, 2018, Guangzhou Yonghong watch industry technology development Co., Ltd. won the "top ten innovation pioneer brands award of Shenzhen time culture week 2018" during the time culture week! This award is not only the recognition of our peers in the industry, but also the recognition of our market. At the same time, it also encourages us to continuously develop and innovate, and create better brand products!

Open exhibition hall, fresh forever

This exhibition, Yonghong watch industry with the full open exhibition hall pattern, let participants refreshing. With sunflowers as the theme of the exhibition hall, the whole exhibition hall is full of youthful and romantic atmosphere with golden sunflowers embellishment, appropriately integrating the positive, young and energetic brand tone of the four brands. What brings us all is the same youth vigor and positive enthusiasm.

      Open exhibition hall design, pedestrians can freely shuttle among them, green carpet, gorgeous sunflower flowers, as if in a clear place in downtown. Customers enjoy a good experience, but also for customers to prepare a variety of sweet tea, while watching can also keep the most relaxed and happy mood.

       Four brands make a stunning appearance

      Since the launch of ETKI watch brand in 1999, every watch has been presented to provide fashionable, innovative and personalized watch products for young consumers. Over the years, Eyki watches have not only attracted attention and recognition in important watch exhibitions such as Shenzhen and Hong Kong, but also obtained certification from many countries (regions) and the world intellectual property organization, recording unique and frank time for the young people.

      In 2005, Kimio  watch was born gracefully, which is a wonderful interpretation of the beautiful story of women's fashion watch. Kimio watch focuses on providing fashion bracelets for women. Its mission is to use the beauty of wristwatches to highlight the beauty of their temperament.

JIUSKO  watch was born in 2011. The brand pursues natural income. All materials are carefully selected and integrated into natural culture. Its products include natural "age" series, natural "source" series, natural "transmission" series and natural "start" series. All series of products fully demonstrate the style of fashion and leisure, bringing rich quality pride to watch lovers.

PANMILA watch was born in 2018, and it is also a new brand coming on the show. The brand is committed to the fast fashion watch loved by young people, facing the new generation of young people, delivering personality and fashion, and is the representative of youth vitality and fashion.


Fun interaction

At the exhibition site, we have prepared interesting interactive activities, free flick through the door, the photo wall of the trend character cover, and the service of free photo printing, only to leave the most beautiful moments and go along with love.

       The exhibition has come to an end, but we will continue to move forward, inherit the craftsmanship and create the most beautiful time art.

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